Say Howdy to your friends!

Choose an e-card, snap a photo or video with your iPhone,
type your message and post to your friends Facebook Wall or have Howdy
send it over. Easy as can be! Howdy is optimized for iPhone 5

About Howdy!

We believe that the best things in life happen when you least expect it. So you need to be able to share that moment with your friends and family, right there and right then. Howdy was born based on this believe.

Share that moment, that magical frame in time, with your friends and family. No boundaries and no limitations.

Have fun!

About us

When we started our business in January 2008, we believed we were going to make an important change in online communicating. Starting off by creating online magazines, we now combine every form of online communication possible.

Connecting businesses, people and information in the widest range possible. No boundaries, no limitations. That?s what Dutch Giraffe Communications is all about.

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